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X-Note Full Version PC Game

X-Note Full Version PC Game |

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X-Note Full Version PC Game
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Ten years ago, Essi's mother died in a questionable accident. She left a USB flash drive with a locked folder called "X-note". Unable to understand the purpose of it, Essi continued living her life as a normal junior high school student. However, Essi is hardly normal, for she possesses power beyond normal human.

Essi's quiet life was interfered by a sudden visit of a young man named Yuon. He invited her to investigate a murder case and a mysterious disappearance in Xen Institute, a school that had a deep relation with Essi's mother. Tempted by the possibility of unlocking "X-note" and solving her mother's mysterious death, Essi decided to take his request. But what awaits her there is much more than what she could possibly imagine…

X-Note Full Version PC Game | manojentertainment.comX-Note Full Version PC Game |

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